My name is Dr Audrey Campbell and I am a Principal Lecturer in the mental health team at the University of Hertfordshire. I run the MSc Mental Health and Social Inclusion (Online) programme about which I am particularly passionate as it promotes person centred decision making between clinicians and those with lived experience of mental distress as part of a recovery journey, We  promote innovative practice, scrutinise the international evidence base for recovery and explore how and where involvement can improve practice, leadership, legislation and research. The programme is a result of intensive co-production by those with lived experience, academics and the service sector and we attract students who want to collaborate to make a difference from patient leaders, peer support workers, nurses, social workers, occupational therapists and a wide range of third sector workers. Always happy to chat!  A. 


Dr Audrey Campbell 
Programme Lead MS Mental Health (online) 
School of Health and Social Work 
University of Hertfordshire