Within a supportive, multidisciplinary research environment, our doctoral programmes, delivered by the School of Health and Social work, the Centre for Research in Public Health and Community Care (CRIPACC) and the School of Life and Medical Sciences offer the opportunity to undertake original doctoral-level research under the supervision and guidance of two or more academic members of staff. Learning across all programmes is further supported by the University’s Researcher Development Programme, together with bespoke workshops and lunchtime sessions in our Research Hub

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Offered on a part-time (5-6 years) and full-time (3 years) basis, our PhD programme has two enrolment periods in September and January and enable the enhancement of research skills and knowledge through an independent programme of study, while developing a clinical research career pathway for those working in the NHS. Professional Doctorate in Health Research (DHRes) https://www.herts.ac.uk/courses/doctorate-in-health-research The five-year part-time DHRes Programme which enrols annually in September, facilitates a structured programme of study blocks and study days with a cohort of students, enabling a wide range of health and social care professionals to further develop the research skills required to influence health research and practice agendas contributing to health improvement.

Professional Doctorate in Public Health


This new programme, enrolling in January 2020 is offered part-time over five years using a combination of online and on-campus research resources, tuition and supervision. The programme has been designed specifically to develop the research and leadership capacity of even the most senior of public health professionals and practitioners, who are unable to attend at the University more than 2-3 times each year.