Research in Hertfordshire

Colleagues from across Hertfordshire, including at the University of Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire County Council and local authorities/districts, work individually and collaboratively on various research projects and in the community to address public health issues. Here, you will find key information, highlights and outputs from this work, past and present. Information for ongoing projects are also updated periodically. If you would like to know more about a specific project and/or work featured here, please refer to the principal contact for each project.

Dr Daksha Trivedi, Chief Investigator, University of Hertfordshire

Ready Trial – The Ready Trial Study

Dr Daksha Trivedi; Dr David Wellsted; Claire Rourke; Dr Neil Howlett; Megan Smith; Solange Wyatt; Jon Wilson; Norwich CTU; Allan Clark;

Feb 2020 – Ongoing

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Dr Claire Thompson, University of Hertfordshire

The Impact of Covid-19 and the Resulting Mitigation Measures on Food and Eating in the East of England

Dr Claire Thompson; Dr Laura K Hamilton; Dr Angela Dickinson; Dr Rosalind Fallaize; Dr Elspeth Mathie; Dr Samantha Rogers; Professor Wendy Wills.

April 2020 – Ongoing

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