Dr Michelle Constable is a Health Psychologist leading the Behaviour Change Unit at Hertfordshire County Council.  Based in the Public Health Service and currently leading on behavioural science aspects of the response to Covid-19 for the organisation.  This includes workstreams supporting the workforce as well as the residents of Hertfordshire. Broader work also includes leading on embedding behavioural science across Hertfordshire County Council and supporting strategic approaches both locally and nationally. Michelle is also the Chair of the Behavioural Science and Public Health Network (BSPHN) and one of the lead authors of the PHE strategy “Improving People’s Health: Applying behavioural and social sciences to improve population health and wellbeing in England” (2018).  Her role within the BSPHN includes leading the on the development of communities of practice across England to support regions to build behavioural science skills and capacity at a local level. 

Dr Michelle Constable, CPsychol
Head of Behaviour Change Unit| Public Health
Hertfordshire County Council