Dietary Intake and Nutrition

The dietary intake, nutritional status and mental wellbeing of homeless adults

Malnutrition has been reported in the homeless, yet the specific nutritional issues faced by each homeless community are unclear. This study aimed to compare the dietary intake, nutritional status and mental wellbeing of homeless and housed adults.

Dietary intake, nutritional status and mental wellbeing of homeless adults in Reading, UK

Dr Susan Parham is an urban sociologist at the University of Hertfordshire

Dr Parham has been exploring the design and planning connections between food and cities since the early 1990s. Two chapters, on food and urban design with Dr Jaques Abelman, and on the evolution of food markets, have recently been published (Jan 2018) in a Handbook of Landscape and Food for Routledge (edited by Tim Waterman and Josh Zeunert). In late 2016 she published the research report ‘Making Space for Food in Hatfield’ with Ben McCabe and earlier in 2016 published a chapter “Shrinking Cities and Food: Place-making for Sustainable Renewal, Reuse and Retrofit’ in the book Future Directions for the European Shrinking City (Eds. Hans Schlappa and William Neill) in the RTPI Routledge series. In 2015 Dr Parham completed a book for Bloomsbury entitled Food and Urbanism, delving into the interplay between food and place from the scale of the table to the region, while her 2012 book Market Place: Food Quarters, Design and Urban Renewal in London reported on primary research into food-centred regeneration processes that are transforming physical spaces and social practices in moribund market areas in contemporary London.

Parham, S. and McCabe, B (2016) Making Space for Food in Hatfield, Research Report, Hatfield: UH Press

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